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A look back...

Video footage of the early days of the Sanctuary is rare. This film provides some insight on canoeing, trout fishing, and camping in the "Birchill Creek, and Middle Clyde" areas along the southern edge of the Tobeatic, circa 1930. 


Disappearing Rocks...

How does a million-pound boulder just disappear? And then, how does one go about finding it again? This half-hour radio documentary about one man's obsession with finding a remote rock deep in the Tobeatic originally aired on CBC Radio's Maritime Magazine. Most of the documentary was recorded during one expedition in 2011 when a crew of six ventured into the deepest part of the Tobeatic in search of Boundary Rock. 

The Search for Boundary Rock - Philip Moscovitch
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Happy Camper

A glimpse at travelling the Tobeatic by canoe in the modern era, by book-writer and filmmaker Kevin Callan, a.k.a. Happy Camper. Known for "making the outdoors fun, one misadventure at a time" he displays a sense of humour that is more-or-less required for the Tobeatic's testy ruggedness. 

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