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Protecting an area on paper is only half the battle of protecting areas sustainably and in perpetuity. Threats continue to diminish the ecological and recreational value of the Tobeatic. As much as we are to blame, we are also capable of making positive change. Please report illegal activities (click here for desktop users), shop local, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Tobe Threats.png

Photo Gallery

Illegal Off-Highway Vehicle Use

OHV Damage to a Wetland


(c) @Tobeatic1956

Bruce MacKinnon Cartoon


(c) Bruce MacKinnon

Tree Cutting in Tobeatic

atv damage silvery lake.jpg

Invasive Species

Hemlock Killed by Adelgid


Invasion of Glossy Buckthorn


Chain Pickeral in Mersey

original (1).jpeg

(c) Delbert Swinemar (iNaturalist)

Climate Change

Active Coal Power Plant in Nova Scotia


(CC BY-SA 3.0) Ken Heaton

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